US markets turn red at the close after volatile session

Major US stock indexes ended lower after another turbulent session.

US markets closed lower in rocky trading today as tech and drink companies halted business activities in Russia.

The Dow Jones fell 184.74 points, or 0.56%, to 32,632.64, the S&P 500 lost 30.39 points, or 0.72%, to 4,170.7 and the Nasdaq 100 dropped 35.41 points, or 0.28%, to 12,795.55.

Global markets have struggled as concerns about the Russia-Ukraine crisis have deepened a sell-off initially fueled by inflation worries.

On Monday, the Nasdaq confirmed it was in a bear market, falling over 20% from its record high, while the Dow Jones confirmed it was in a correction as it closed more than 10% lower from its record peak.

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