Hipgnosis hits sour note, delays results amid valuation row

Shares in Hipgnosis Songs Fund (LSE: SONG) fell 1.6% Tuesday after the music rights investor delayed publishing half-year results following a discrepancy over the value of its song catalogue.

The company, which acquires rights to songs from artists such as Shakira and Neil Young, said an independent valuation found its assets were “materially higher” than implied by recent deals. But its own manager disagreed after being asked to review the valuation.

Hipgnosis has faced scrutiny since proposing to sell assets at a 24% discount to their reported value to a Blackstone-backed fund. The discount triggered an investor revolt after Hipgnosis also skipped a dividend payment in October.

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Appointing a new chair hasn’t stemmed the damage – Hipgnosis shares have tumbled 22% this year as the company ditched its interim dividend, citing industry changes and debt concerns.

The delayed results are now expected by year-end. But with sour notes continuing between the company and its song manager, investors will want reassurance the books are in tune.