Golden Rock shares surge 13% amid talks of potential acquisitions

Golden Rock, a newly formed company focused on acquiring fintech opportunities, responded to the significant increase in its share price today.

The stock soared to 3.23 pence each in London, representing a 13% rise, while earlier it peaked at 3.50p, up more than 20%. This surge adds to the stock’s impressive 44% gain over the past month, having reached a high of 4.00p last Friday.

The company issued a statement addressing the sudden spike, stating, “We are not aware of any reason for the recent rise in the share price but would like to confirm that the company is in early stage discussions with a number of parties regarding potential acquisitions.” Golden Rock emphasised that if any acquisitions were to materialise, they would be considered reverse takeovers.

In a previous announcement in April, Golden Rock terminated its acquisition discussions with Bolt, a blockchain-based media and decentralised finance ecosystem. Last year, the company had signed a non-legally binding agreement to acquire Bolt’s entire share capital. However, in April, Golden Rock revealed that they had “reluctantly concluded” that a satisfactory deal was not feasible for reasons unrelated to the company.