Deliveroo and restaurants unite for riders' rights

Charter aims to foster positive relationships between delivery couriers and eateries.

Deliveroo and restaurants unite for riders' rights

A charter has been signed between the GMB trade union, delivery company Deliveroo (LSE: ROO), and rider representatives. The charter aims to foster positive relationships between Deliveroo's riders and restaurants.

A total of 30 national restaurant chains and supermarkets have signed up for the charter, including Wagamama, Wingstop, Bella Italia, Morrisons and the Co-op.

The respect charter includes principles on treating everyone with dignity, communicating openly, access to facilities, and working together to achieve operational excellence.

GMB official Tom Warnett said: "Everyone has the right to go about their work safely and be treated with respect. Time is money for couriers and a commitment to reducing waiting time is really important."

Camilla Kater of Deliveroo stated: "This charter is the first of its kind across our industry and demonstrates the positive impact working hand in hand with the GMB has had. Our partnership with the GMB is already delivering for our riders."

Jonathan Recanati, chief executive and founder of Farmer J, said: "We are proud to stand alongside industry leaders in committing to the Deliveroo Courier Charter."

Deliveroo shares were up 1% on Thursday morning.

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