Correction: Roblox denies XRP adoption

Gaming giant Roblox has categorically denied recent claims that it was integrating Ripple’s XRP token as a payment option. The confusion arose when BitPay, a prominent cryptocurrency payment service, tweeted that XRP could be used for transactions within games facilitated by Xsolla, tagging Roblox and Smite in its announcement.

Roblox swiftly debunked the misinformation, with a company representative clarifying the situation via email: “While Xsolla is one of Roblox’s payment providers, we do not enable cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, on the platform. BitPay’s social post that most articles are referencing is inaccurate and has been removed↗︎.”

BitPay, in a now-deleted post, had erroneously stated, “Xsolla now accepts XRP with BitPay as a payment method for their games such as Smite and Roblox.” The post further claimed, “You can use your favourite cryptocurrency to buy, play, and enjoy gaming like never before.”

Apologising for the misinformation, BitPay issued a statement, admitting, “There was an error in the tweet.” This clarification came after widespread confusion among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Xsolla, the gaming payment solutions provider, also distanced itself from BitPay’s misleading post. The company asserted that it had no involvement in the erroneous tweet, reaffirming its commitment to transparent communication with users.

This incident underscores the crucial need for precise information dissemination. At Investomania, we placed trust in BitPay’s announcement without verifying it with Roblox, leading to an oversight. We sincerely apologise to our readers for the oversight and any confusion caused.