Binance big shot grounded in the USA until February 2024

Binance big shot Changpeng Zhao has to stay in the US until February 2024 before facing the music for breaking U.S. money rules. Judge Richard Jones slammed the brakes on Zhao’s plan to jet off before his sentencing.

In the recent past, Binance Holdings shelled out a hefty $4.3 billion, owning up to dancing on the edge of U.S. money and sanctions laws. Zhao, not one to shy away, threw in the towel, admitting guilt and risking up to 18 months behind bars. No complaints from him – he promised not to appeal if the judge sticks to the 18-month cap.

Initially, a lower-ranking judge gave Zhao the nod to scoot back to his UAE pad before the February sentencing. But a senior judge wanted another peek. The U.S. Justice Department threw shade, calling Zhao a potential escape artist. Team Zhao disagreed, pointing out he shelled out a fat bail and willingly landed on U.S. turf to face the music.

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However, Judge Jones, in his Thursday document, sided with the Justice Department. He wasn’t buying Zhao’s “I won’t run” pitch, saying, “While the bail package is substantial, if not unprecedented, it is a package that appears to be largely comprised of assets beyond the government’s reach.”

Zhao gets to roam the U.S. till judgment day on Feb 23, 2024. No sky-high flights for him just yet.